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Growing the international market

Institut de Microcirugia Ocular (IMO) is a leading international ophthalmology institute based in Barcelona and now part of the Miranza Group, a conglomerate of 8 centres across Spain with more than 500 professionals.

My role Stratega Consultants
Client IMO
Date 2013-2014
Sector Health care
Task (1) restructuring the access to the stockholders’ council and (2) define a strategy to grow the international market
Challenge Changing a company culture to be able to continue growing

IMO (Institute of Ocular Microsurgery in English) was established 25 years ago by six leading surgeons and has grown since to more than 150 professionals.

They have earned the recognition of the medical community, which rated IMO as the best ophthalmologic centre in Spain in the “2012 Top 10 Hospitals” report drafted by the OCU Consumers’ and Users’ Association after interviewing Spanish doctors from different speciality areas. IMO is also established in a few markets in the international arena, serving several hundred patients from all over the world in its centre in Barcelona every year.

However, with an organisational structure that had been slowly growing without major changes since its establishment in the late 80s, it had now fast become obsolete to manage a sizable institute in a dynamic and agile manner.

In 2013, we at Stratega Consultants were approached by IMO’s partners and leading surgeons to assist in a restructuring of the companies at the institute.

This restructuring was not only at management board level -to facilitate new doctors to become partners and to define exit strategies for those leaving/retiring- but also at organisational and procedural level -to accommodate the needs of a far greater level of business these days.

After an initial analysis to pinpoint the weaknesses of the current management model and the opportunities ahead, we drafted a three-phase plan to be implemented over the next few years. I participated in this analysis as part of the consulting team.

We further developed and implemented the first phase during 2013 and 2014 and we delivered a plan for restructuring the composition of the investor council, with new options to accommodate different scenarios and new rules on buy-in/out strategies.

We also created an operations’ strategy plan to streamline some areas of the company, notably the communications and customer care areas and also for increasing access to foreign markets. I assisted as Senior Consultant in this part of the project.

Lately, in early 2020, IMO joined several other leading ophthalmology organisations in Spain to form Grupo Miranza, the largest player of its kind in this market.

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