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30+ years of
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Rethinking your overall strategy? tackling a new challenge? seeking someone experienced for a new project? not having the internal expertise you need?

Project Manager

Making a business idea a reality? searching for experience to support you? do you need someone to lead an internal team? looking for a trusted allied to handle a delicate project?

More about me

I am a vital individual, optimistic, adventurous and always willing to try new things. I tend to avoid the routine and I am always trying to improve what I come across. I am therefore demanding both with myself and with others. Also perfectionist, but without obsession.

I like to blend into the environment and bring on my experience and points of view to add value: your company is also my company, and this drives me to involve myself deeply in all projects, be as an employee or as a freelance.

I am also ambitious and I always try to raise the bar in everything I do: we need to dream it in order to achieve it! And above all, I always count on the team, because only together can we achieve the dreams that we dream.

Academic background

MBA, major in Marketing ♦ Business Administration ♦ Marketing Management ♦ Strategic Marketing ♦ I.T. for Business Administration ♦ Informatics Engineering, –unfinished

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Some personal works/hobbies…

Becoming a published author

"Discovering Barcelona, a travel guide for teens" is the story of a personal challenge launched by some of my friends...

Collaborating in a business dictionary

LID Editorial is an international business media company based in Madrid. For 25+ years has been working with a global...

Internationalising Club de Marketing de Barcelona

The "Club Marketing Barcelona" (CMB) association works to create and promote an environment conducive to making Barcelona one of the...




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