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“Discovering Barcelona, a travel guide for teens” is the story of a personal challenge launched by some of my friends from Europe who wanted to visit my home city with their teenager children and couldn’t find a proper guide aimed for them. All guides they could find were targeting adults and they wanted something their teens could take ownership and help planning the trip.

My role independent
Client Self-publishing / Amazon
Date 2013
Sector Publishing
Task Conceiving a travel guide aimed at foreign teens visiting Barcelona with their parents: concept, copys, images, design, publishing, distribution and promotion all done by myself.
Challenge Standing out in a saturated sector
"Discovering Barcelona, a travel guide for teens" by Enric Massó (2013)

“Discovering Barcelona, a travel guide for teens” does not aim to be a typical tourist guide covering only monuments, museums and other very interesting but often boring facts about the place you’re visiting.

Instead, this is a ‘guide for teens’ to attractions and activities that I am sure you’ll enjoy more while in Barcelona. Let’s show adults that they can also see many of those things while you’re having fun along the way. Ready for an adventure? You’ve come to the right place! There’s a lot to see and do in Barcelona.

The ultimate travel guide to discovering Barcelona with your kids. A perfect book for teenagers for your next leisure vacation or city break, or simply… an escapade.

This guide will help you to get the most out of your experience. To make the most out of your trip, before you leave, read the section “A bit of background and some fun facts” where you’ll get a glimpse of Barcelona’s main facts, history and culture. Maps, there’re plenty of those. You should familiarise yourself with the location of the main places so you can better assist your parents when they get lost… and they eventually will, trust me!

Then, I present you over 60 ideas for activities and attractions to have fun while you’re in Barcelona. Each one has a detailed description, directions and advice on how to get the most out of it.

Also, to make things easy, I have proposed some routes that you can follow. This will save you some planning time and you will be able to focus on enjoying the trip.

I know you are on vacation, but take the opportunity to practice some foreign language. Check some short sentences in Catalan –the local language– which I’ve prepared for you so you can communicate with the locals.

And I am also sharing the 20 things I like to do in Barcelona. Hope you like them.

Very important: I have also included sections to tell you the best places to eat, shop, play… don’t miss it! Now for the fun part: the “Discovery Hunt”, a challenging adventure through the Gothic Quarter of the city where you will have to unravel clues in each step of the hunt that will ultimately reveal to you a secret place. But if you get stuck, don’t worry, you have the solutions at the end of the guide. No peeping!

Other sections that will help you are the “Useful tips” and the things I think it’s good to know about Barcelona, like customs, schedules, weather, etc.

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