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Collaborating in a business dictionary

LID Editorial is an international business media company based in Madrid. For 25+ years has been working with a global community of over 3,500 authors, clients and partners, publishing 125 new book titles each year, along with world-class business magazines and cutting- edge digital media.

My role Independent author
Client LID Editorial
Date 2004
Sector Publishing
Task Contributing to this dictionary with marketing terms related to Point-Of-Sale advertising
Challenge Making sure the terms are properly translated into both languages pointing the subtleties of the concepts in different markets.

LID Editorial is a world leader in publishing specialized multilingual business, medical and general contents dictionaries.

“Diccionario LID de Comunicación y Marketing” offers 6,000 defined terms of comprehensive communication, marketing, advertising, company, corporate image, Internet, brands, research, media, sales and distribution.

Authors: Antonio Caro, Mariano Alonso, Mari Cruz Alvarado, Isabel Álvarez Carmona, Rocio Collado, Susana de Andrés, Daniel Delvert, Jody Doran, Marcelino Elosua, Teresa García Nieto, Ángeles González Lobo, Juan Carlos Labrador, Carlos Lema, Enric Massó, Torben Nielsen, Javier Oubiña, Julio Plágaro Repollés, Toni Pozo, Antonio Quijano, Clotilde Vela-Hidalgo, Pedro Vidal.

The most current and complete dictionary of its kind, with 6,000 terms defined in Spanish and translated into British and North American English, and with an inverse English-Spanish dictionary. It includes the most common and recent terms within the vocabulary of communication and marketing, which are used daily in the sector.

The definitions are clear and simple, understandable even to laymen, always seeking a practical and reality-oriented approach. This dictionary has been produced with a multidisciplinary approach by a prestigious team of expert authors in different areas, thus ensuring topicality and accuracy both in the selection of terms and in their definition.

Comprehensive communication, marketing, corporate image, advertising, Internet, brand, media, research, sales and distribution terms have been introduced, in addition to the business terms most common to any industry.

Source: LID Editorial

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