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A social network for marketeers

Euromarketers, a project to connect +250,000 marketing professionals across Europe, members of the national marketing associations in 17 countries

My role
Client EMC
Date 2006
Sector NGO – professional association
Task Conceiving and leading the project
Challenge One of the first specialized pan-European social networks


In 2005, as Member of the Board at the European Marketing Confederation and in charge of trends and new developments, I proposed the social network Neurona -the leader in Spain and South America- to create a subset at their online service to englobe the community of marketing professionals in Europe.

EMC had 17 member associations representing an estimated 250,000 marketing professionals across Europe.

Neurona was born in 2003 as a spin-off of the Grupo Intercom in Barcelona and was sold to the German giant XING in 2007. Neurona was the largest network of contacts in Spain and South America, with more than 835,000 users (2007).

The project, labelled as “Euromarketers”, aimed to create an online community for marketers across Europe to extend their network of contacts and share their knowledge. The project was launched in 2006 and was later absorbed into XING when they acquired Neurona in 2007.

Consultant, advisor, interim project manager. Over 30 years of business strategy expertise and project management experience for your organisation. Spanning beyond the specific speciality: business strategy, marketing, operations, and ITC & internet. My motto: "Providing a global vision but with a local twist"