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An independent appraisals firm with over 25 years of experience

Risc Valor is an appraisals firm specialized in the valuation of assets for real estate and business purposes.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client Risc Valor
Date 2022
Sector Financial
Task Revamping RV’s online presence
Challenge Simplifying an over-complex set of information

Operating since 1994, Risc Valor is an appraisals firm specialized in the valuation of assets for different purposes: mortgage, endorsements and guarantees, claims, insurance, property, inheritance distribution, judicial, contributions of non-monetary assets, mergers, splits and expropriations. The firm, based in Barcelona, operates across Spain and is approved by the Bank of Spain as an official Appraisal Society (#4456) and its appraisals can be used for all types of tax, judicial and mortgage procedures.

Since 2014, I have been advising and consulting with Risc Valor for their online communications matters and creating their websites as well as other marketing material such as brochures and presentations.

The latest version of the website dates from early 2022. We worked on a revamped responsive site adapted to the growing use of different devices. Equally, and in trend with the new communication doctrines, we simplified the contents making the navigation much simpler and easy to find the information. A lot of the information regarding its services is also presented in PDF format to facilitate portability to the readers.

Consultant, advisor, interim project manager. Over 30 years of business strategy expertise and project management experience for your organisation. Spanning beyond the specific speciality: business strategy, marketing, operations, and ITC & internet. My motto: "Providing a global vision but with a local twist"