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A website for a new young music talent in the scene

Mireia Espelt is a talented very young musician and composer new to the Catalan language music scene.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client Mireia Espelt
Date 2021
Sector Music
Task Helping to define the faithful image of this musician and composer into a website
Challenge Introducing a new musician into a saturated market

Mireia Espelt (aka “Mire”) is the story of a very young musician and composer born in a family of musicians. Two of her younger brothers are members at the Escolania de Montserrat -the famous boys’ choir of this ancient monastery near Barcelona-, one sister is a violinist student and mom a reputed music professor.

Mireia is a sensitive person, humble and passionate about her music. Her style is intimate and fragile, but able to reach the hearts of her listeners. She has been composing and playing since a tender age and she’s proficient with the guitar as well as the piano. Mireia has a sweet thread of voice, soft and mellow and she sings in the Catalan language, her mother tongue, and in English.

During the COVID pandemic, her passion for composing and singing grew, and she decided she wanted to attempt a shot at the music scene. In 2021 she offered a couple of concerts and participated in a project by “Coleccionistas de Momentos” (, a channel dedicated to making visible new musicians. And she’s currently working on publishing her first album.

Mireia is the niece of a good friend of mine. I helped Mireia model her online image into a website that communicates her true inner-self. A website to introduce Mireia to potential producers and to her fans.

The website includes a brief bio about Mireia, a sample of songs and videos of her works and clues about her personality, feelings and aspirations. She keeps a blog as well.

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