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The birth of a new firm in the bankruptcy administration sector

LBL Prendes & Caicoya (LBLPC), is a professional services firm that provides economic and legal solutions to business restructuring problems.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client LBL Prendes & Caicoya
Date 2021
Sector Law & Finances
Task To create the communication strategy for this new firm and their website
Challenge Merging different corporate cultures and sensibilities into one single communication strategy

A previous client, LBLPartners from Barcelona, spun off a part of its catalogue of services in 2021 to create, together with two law firms from Asturias, a new entity: LBL Prendes & Caicoya (LBLPC).

The new firm, with a team of 20+ professionals, is positioned as one of the leading independent firms in Spain in providing economic and legal solutions to business restructuring problems. Its team consists of renowned figures in the bankruptcy administration sector such as Pedro Prendes or Elena Fernández, among others. LBLPC has four offices: in Barcelona, Oviedo, Gijón and Madrid, servicing the whole of Spain.

With previous intimate knowledge of one of the partner companies -having worked on a communications project with them- I was hired to develop their communications strategy and website for the new company.

The end product comprised a new website, services brochures and CVs of the partners of the new firm.

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