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Guarro Casas

Making a high-quality presentation out of a product with humble origins


Creating a coporate website to improve the company's communication strategy


Displaying 3D textures and patterns in a 2D flat environment.

Displaying near works of art

This Catalan company, founded in 1698 (yes, 17th century!) has become a benchmark in the paper manufacturing sector, especially in high-quality papers and coating materials. In the 1970s and 80s, Guarrocasas grew internationally by opening factories in South America and France, and later became part of the international group Arjo Wiggins.

The emergence of the Internet in the business world required a rethinking of the company’s communication strategy and for this reason, they decided to launch a project for the creation of a corporate website.

I was contacted to manage this project and provide a compelling solution. I enrolled the assistance of IHG (The International Highway Group), a potent development company based in Barcelona, to create the site.

We produced a high-quality multilingual website which not only strengthened the company’s goal to improve communication but it allowed as well to present their catalogue of high-quality papers and coating material to a wider audience via a computer screen.

And it did so with reasonably good results considering the complexity to presenting and appreciating textures and patterns in a 2D medium that hadn’t achieved back then the high level of excellence of today’s computer screens and video cards.