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Bootman & Brothers

Working in highly complex IT development projects with lots of very different teams


Drafting conclusions from a study, setting up objectives and milestones and defining working guidelines for two teams of IT developers


Overseeing large projects from an ivory tower.

Working in multicultural environments, both literally -people from different nationalities- as well as figuratively -professionals with different corporate cultures-, in two trans-European projects.

From an old contact from my time in London working for AVIVA Group I collaborated with this specialized technology consultancy firm in two projects.

The first one with a client from the banking sector in Paris for which I managed a team of functional analysts. We gathered operational information and procedures for the subsequent development of a strategic plan for a new IT system.

In the second project, I assisted as part of a European team of consultants, for a project with Toyota Europe in Brussels to merge different IT systems from several affiliates.

In both cases, my collaboration was from a high-level strategic point-of-view rather than nitty-gritty stuff.