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Re-inventing a hospital

CQM, Hospital Privat de Mataró is a private day hospital in Mataró (north of Barcelona) that offers day services for surgical procedures to patients and doctors in El Maresme county.

My role Stratega Consultants
Client  CQM – Hospital Privat de Mataró
Date 2017
Sector Healthcare
Task Creating a business plan and seeking investors for the new reorientation of the hospital
Challenge Re-inventing a business

CQM-Hospital Privat de Mataró occupies more than 3500 sq metres in the centre of Mataró, it offers 10 operating rooms and a multidisciplinary medical team of 60 in-house specialists plus 90 external collaborations for day treatments and surgical procedures. They boast 40,000+ surgical procedures since their establishment in 2004, 1,700 alone in 2017 (last available data).

Their services range from traumatology and orthopaedic surgery to dental procedures, odontology, vascular surgery, digestive apparatus and endoscopy or plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

CQM’s business model traditionally focused on ‘renting’ their operating rooms and technology -alongside support staff, nurses and anaesthetists- to external doctors operating their own patients.

But by 2015 this model had already shown many signs of exhaustion and the proprietors and the management team had decided to look for a reorientation of the company.

Their idea was to incorporate some of those external doctors into the company, be as employees, be as partners and offer medical services directly to patients under the CQM brand. They also realized this new orientation would most likely require new investment.

Furthermore, a competing centre had opened in Mataró and the pressure on the market and to CQM’s clients (the medical specialists) had increased.

They resorted to Stratega Consultants to help to devise plausible scenarios and to choose which one offered a better prospect. We assisted in preparing a business plan for the new hospital and helped to attract the attention of potential investors.

With the recent experience and insights on the dynamics of the sector gained through another project with certain similarities, at Institut de Microcirugia Ocular (IMO) in Barcelona, we decided to focus on how to incorporate talented and successful local doctors into this new venture in a manner that would create a win-win situation for both parties.

We advised on limiting the offer to four service areas: traumatology, general medicine, gynaecology and dental procedures and aesthetics, which, according to our research in the area, are and will continue to be the most demanded services at mid and longer-term.

We also assisted in devising procedures (business and operational) as well as presenting a new repositioning from a marketing point of view.

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