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La Tavella

One of those feel-good projects every professional likes to be a part of every now and then


Creating a marketing plan to kick off the expansion of this social project


Professionalising procedures and operations.

A socially responsible enterprise with a healthy component, can’t get any better!

La Tavella is a social farming spin-off from the Viver de Bell-Lloc Foundation for the promotion of social and labour inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities or mental disorders. La Tavella produces organic fruit and vegetables in their 150 hectares of agricultural land in the Vallès Oriental county near Barcelona.

Their business model is based on the sale of these products in weekly baskets and thru online channels via a model of subscription. Also, this project focuses on the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace. This social initiative was chosen to participate in the 2011 edition of the Momentum Project managed by the prestigious ESADE business school in Barcelona and sponsored by banking giant BBVA and the support of the consulting firm PwC.

I was contacted to assist in the conception of a marketing plan for La Tavella. The main goal was to analyze the market in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, detect those segments most likely to switch their purchase of fruits and vegetable to organic and identify their purchase patterns and drivers. With all this information, a three-year plan was developed.

Their annual revenue in 2010 was under 200,000.€ and in 2017 had five-folded to 1MM.€ Furthermore, La Tavella’s current catalogue has expanded and now it has +70 fresh fruit and vegetable references plus 650 articles from small local producers (from nuts to honey, preserves, cheeses and ready-made products).