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Coordinating a truly multinational pool of resources and talent


We really love the KISS principle.

LaAgenciaBCN is an unusual alliance of talent across different countries. We are not formally a company but a pool of independent professionals that, from time to time, help each other in our projects, when one’s experience or knowledge is required.

Most of our team either work or have worked “in” large companies or “for” large companies, so we all have acquired specialized knowledge and capabilities normally reserved to that environment, full of ambition and resources, and which tends to lead the market on innovation and new things.

Our aim is to transfer that knowledge to the smaller actors, and thus we seek to provide our services to small companies and other independent professionals and, therefore, we adjust our fees accordingly.

We love the KISS principle (“keep it simple stupid“). We firmly believe that useful solutions are those that don’t beat about the bush, go straight to the point and can be developed quickly and without much investment. This is the reason we keep our services simple: what you see is what you get. Period.

This, of course, doesn’t mean we don’t tailor to our clients’ needs, but we do so in terms of content i creativity because when it comes to tools and procedures we focus on standard, proved and readily-available market tools that anyone can get and use right out-of-the-box.

Our services focus on:

    • Websites: simple but modern, easy to maintain and quickly developed. While the design is important, we like to focus on the contents, which we believe is what makes your website to stand out. Useful information for the reader, little filling, well written and no misspellings.
    • PowerPoint presentations: when you have to make that presentation to your Board or to an important client and need a well-crafted, straight to the point and visually appealing PowerPoint. And need it fast.
    • Brochures: whether is a full corporate brochure to explain what your company can provide or a single sheet focusing on a specific service or product, we can help you.

We can serve you in English, Spanish or Catalan.

LaAgenciaBCN was born in 2009 as a collaboration between myself (Barcelona) -a strategist-, Claire (London) -a marketer-, Jitske (Amsterdam) -a programmer- and Maria (Saronno) -a graphic designer. We had already been cooperating in several projects and decided to unite our talent and resources to present a more coherent service to our clients. The “LaAgenciaBCN” brand is the result of a ritual nod to my person because I sort-of lead this motley crew of professionals. At present, our team has changed, Maria is no longer with us, but Paolo (Waterford) -graphic designer-, and Joan (Valencia) -programmer- have joined us.

We continue with the same initial spirit: keeping things as lean as possible, and we continue involving different team members in a project only if and when it’s necessary. This allows us to be agile and inexpensive.


We work with Microsoft Powerpoint for the presentations, WordPress for the websites and Adobe Indesign for the brochures. We include the original files in the documentation of our projects so our client can choose to call us for maintenance or to use his own resources.

That’s how we are, adapted to your world!

Multidisciplinary • Online • Agile and fast • International • Simple and direct • Enthusiasts • Professionals • Experienced • Without complications • Reasonable • With empathy for micro-entrepreneurs, professionals and associations • Creatives • Easily maintainable solutions • Without reinventing the wheel • Surprising • Dynamic and responsible • No expensive offices or expensive advertising (“no BS!”, Enric dixit) • No matter where our client is located • Realistic, without promising the impossible • Efficient • Coordinated…. AMAZING!

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