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A portal of resources for marketers

MarketingSources was one of the major projects while at the EMC as International Projects’ Manager after the successful launch of Euromarketers, a year earlier.

My role
Client European Marketing Confederation (EMC)
Date 2007-2008
Sector NGO, professional association
Task Creating several online tools resources for marketers across Europe
Challenge Coordinating the diversity of interests and agendas of the different member associations at the EMC, some of which had thousands of members at national level while others were much smaller.

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is an association of (national) associations each one normally representing marketing professionals of a country Each one, in turn, has individual and corporate members at a national level (=their members).

EMC did not directly serve those individuals and corporations but their national associations. Thus, any of the projects at EMC targeted national associations which, in turn, adapted them to their needs and national idiosyncrasy.

MarketingSources was the second phase of the strategy I laid when invited to the Management Board of the EMC in 2006 and included the creation of several online tools. These aimed to share information and contents the national member associations already managed within their own organisations at the national level with the rest of the countries.

This was a viable and fairly straightforward way to enrich at a very affordable cost the portfolio of services for their own individual and corporate members) at the national level. The contents provided by each country allowed benchmarking comparisons and trends’ analysis, among others.

Among the tools proposed, the main ones were:

    • Marketing Sources: an online portal to display contents and benchmarking information proposed by national associations
    • State of Marketing: an annual survey on the state of marketing in Europe
    • Best Practices’ Exchange: a forum to present marketing best practices in different countries in Europe to the audiences of the national associations
    • Speakers’ Database: a directory of speakers recommended by national associations. The goal was to share good speakers for national conferences and congresses and even negotiate joint special appearances in several of them at a reduced cost for the associations.

During my time at EMC, from 2002 to 2009, I was able to develop and implement them with different degrees of success.

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