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Opening a new restaurant

Grup Kibuka, a small group of restaurants led by three visionaries since 2005. Now they’re expanding beyond their usual patch of the city into the centre.

My role Stratega Consultants
Client Grup Kibuka
Date 2019
Sector Catering
Task Creating a business plan and seeking investors for the new restaurant of this successful catering group in Barcelona
Challenge Standing out in a saturated sector

The Kibuka brand is the story of three visionary food gourmets in Barcelona that decided to launch a Japanese restaurant with a twist: a fusion cuisine that delights its audience. Fast-forwarding 15 years, they manage four successful restaurants in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

The catering world in a tourist destination like Barcelona with over 30,000 bars and restaurants for a population of “just” 1.8 million residents is a tought nail.

With a very conservative business philosophy, they analyze each restaurant as an independent business unit: its customers, its location, its objectives … and when the opportunity presented itself to open a new one in the very centre of the city -a highly competitive area and with its own much tougher demands in terms of positioning- they did not hesitate to request external consulting support to us at Stratega Consultants.

We assisted in preparing a business plan for the new restaurant to help to attract the attention of potential investors. Next step was to help to identify suitable investors.

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