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Real Estate for investors

Bi+, a small real estate consulting boutique firm specialized in investments and in extracting the best performance from its clients’ operations.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client Bi+ (Grupo Risc)
Date 2013
Sector Real estate
Task Creating a communications plan
Challenge Positioning a small startup to compete with market giants

Bi+ (pronounced “bee-mas“) is a boutique shop for “special” real estate investments in Barcelona and the Catalonia region. Whether you’re looking to invest in parking lots, or to purchase a whole building in modernist Eixample in Barcelona, or looking for a rural lot in the Pyrenees, Bi+ can help to locate the property, evaluate its financial performance and advice on the best strategy.

Bi+ is a company from the Grup Risc, a conglomerate of four companies established in Barcelona which offer a wide range of services, from valuations to real estate investments to transfer pricing.

Bi+ was launched in 2013 and I was hired as an independent consultant to research the local market and assist in positioning the new company.

I also introduced LaAgenciaBCN for the communications’ strategy and we developed a full set of tools, including website, brochures and presentations as well as defining the graphic elements (logo, brand, etc).

Consultant, advisor, interim project manager. Over 30 years of business strategy expertise and project management experience for your organisation. Spanning beyond the specific speciality: business strategy, marketing, operations, and ITC & internet. My motto: "Providing a global vision but with a local twist"