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Communicating for a communicator

Xavier Garcia Pujades is a journalist and a published essayist and biographer in Catalonia with a long professional career.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client Xavier Garcia Pujades
Date 2010
Sector Publishing & Journalism
Task Developing a marketing image for this published author and journalist
Challenge Standing out in a saturated sector

Xavier was looking for advice on how best to present his achievements to potential customers, both publishing companies as well as media companies.

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The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read“. -Oscar Wilde

Since the early 1970s he has dedicated his personal and professional efforts to the culture, history and natural heritage of Catalonia. He has published 40+ books in different subjects and he has collaborated in most of the past and present media in Catalonia (Presència, Tele-Estel, Patufet, Recull, Oriflama, Canigó, Ajoblanco, El Ciervo, Historia Internacional, Artes Plásticas, Serra d’Or, L’Avenç, 2 Quarts de 10, La Nació, El Triangle, Diario de Barcelona, Mundo Diario, Tele/Expres, AVUI, El Correo Catalán, Nou Diari, El Punt) and has also been consulting for cultural TV programmes and documentaries.

His topics include local history, nature and ecology, social activism, Catalan history and culture, analysis of demographic movements and peasantry and rural areas.

I was approached by Xavier in 2010 to assist him in developing a coherent public image to present his works and to attract new projects. I devised a portfolio, a multilingual website and a professional press pack for him.

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