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Communicating a new approach for a real estate business

BambooFincas is a new startup by a seasoned real estate agent which focuses on added-value services for top properties across Catalonia.

My role LaAgenciaBCN
Client BambooFincas
Date 2018
Sector Real Estate
Task Helping to define the communication brief and faithfully capture it into a website
Challenge Introducing a new way to sell property

BambooFincas is the story of Elena, a seasoned entrepreneur in the real estate sector in Catalonia, that realised there are too many estate agents trying to sell the same properties using the same arguments.

She and her team devised a different approach to would-be sellers in which added-value services are added in the process.

Such services, marketed under the label “healthy home”, include sustainable housing renovations, geobiology and biohability analysis of the property to enhance its marketability, (optional) Feng Shui study, and technical and legal advice at every step of the selling process.

One of the keys of her approach is that these services do not increase the commission percentage for the seller as the increased margin out of applying these selling techniques covers their production costs.

This approach, while already in use in other markets abroad, it’s fairly new to the local market thus, as early adopters, BambooFincas faces the difficulty to introduce the usability and the tangible benefits of these concepts to potential sellers and buyers.

For this reason, they needed help with organising their ideas and translating them into a clear message that would be easily understood by their clients and prospectors.

Elena contacted me at LaAgenciaBCN for this task. We worked through an analysis process to tune up their ideas and translate them into a communication plan for the website. We then developed a visually compelling website to present her new business.

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